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The Krejci Experiment

Everyone in Boston appears to be looking for someone to blame for the recent skid and lack of goal scoring punch, especially from the third line.  Since then, Chris Bourque has been put on waivers, and Jay Pandolfo has taken his place.  Well, I am here to say that I don’t believe the problems lie  to the left of  Chris Kelly and Rich Peverley.  I say, look to the first line center…

David Krejci

To start off, I like Krejci.  He has skill and can move the puck.  He has some scoring touch, and it shows about once every couple months of a hockey season.  He has only exceeded 20 goals in a season twice and only eclipsed 70 points once.  The explanation everyone in Boston gives when arguing to keep him around is that he showed up during the Stanley Cup run of 2011, and he did with 23 points in 25 games.  He has 7 goals and 24 points this season,good enough for second on the team however he is seventh on the team in plus/minus at a +5.

There has been discussion in the Boston radio media about trading or not trading Krejci.  His talent brings with it a lot of attention.  His lack of focus at times during the season (for multiple games at a time), brings with it much consternation.  Trading him to another team may not be the most popular move, but could bring another much needed top of the rotation defenseman to the team.  Jack Edwards was on WEEI in Boston stating that, while he wasn’t saying that the Bruins were shopping him around, Boston was probably getting a lot of interest in the talented center.

I propose trading David and Johnny Boychuk to Calgary for Jay Bouwmeester, Jarome Iginla and a second round pick.  I can’t take all the credit for this, I have had conversations with other writers who offered their feedback and opinions.  The trade works from a cap perspective, even though the Bruins would be taking on about 5 or so million in cap money.  JayBo brings with him a record of not missing any ice time.  Since joining the league in 05-06, he has not missed a game.  He will bring consistency to the d-core and will provide a blueliner who moves the puck north/south out of the defensive zone.

Jarome Iginla will bring leadership like Mark Recchi did to the younger players on the Bruins.  He can still provide scoring punch with the right center (Spoons, anybody?)  and he can play on special teams as well.  Jarome is a free agent at the end of the year but could be re-signed for less money (can’t see him getting or asking for 7 million a year again) for, say, a three year deal. He will be on an over-35 contract, but at the right money could be well worth it.

Bouwmeester still has one year left on his deal, which also gives the B’s some leverage. They can acquire him and extend him out, or if necessary, leave the one year in place and use him at the trade deadline next season to bring in that next injection of energy for the playoff run.

Any way you slice it, the deal works for both teams.Calgary gets a decent defenseman that can play the point on the powerplay and has decent numbers while still being affordable, and a top line center which will help the production of the top or second line.  The Bruins get that veteran winger presence, such as the one that led them to the Stanley Cup in 2011 and a top two defenseman that is young enough to continue his career in black and gold (and a PMD to boot). Now if the Bruin faithful could forgive Chiarelli and Neely for making such a deal, everything would be…(black and) golden.


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