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My Apology to the Readers

Sometimes life gets in the way of us doing the things that we really enjoy.  There are some people that are lucky enough to be doing the thing they love most for their career choice, but most of us are in a field that, while we enjoy it, it isn’t the love of our life work-wise.  I really like what I do for a job, and yes, it pays the bills, but it sometimes gets in the way of doing what I really enjoy.  Watching, studying and writing about the sport of hockey.  I know it doesn’t sound like it yet, but this is my apology to the readers…

I attended the Boston Bruins Development Camp back in July, and while I took copious notes and photos, I never found the ample time to sit down and put my scribbles and hen scratch into a discernible post for others to read.  Sure, I work during the day and could have written at night, but having returned from vacation to a serious situation in my place of residence, that had to take precedence.

To all who read what I put to (virtual) paper, I am heartily sorry for not having written sooner.  I also sincerely thank you for reading the ramblings of a true fan and hopeful writer.  I will still be submitting my post about the young men and hopeful future Bruins that attended this year’s camp.  Watching those young men give everything they had to show the coaches at this year’s camp that they truly belonged should be an inspiration to us to give all we have to whatever it is we want to succeed at, and in this task I have stumbled.  As New England Sports Network continues to do reports about the Boston Bruins, as will I endeavor to write more frequently about the game we follow and love.

Again, thank you for reading and I am sincerely sorry.

Chris (Left Wing Lock)

Welcome and Hello!

Hello all and welcome to the new location for what once was non-existent…my own place for ranting and raving about the great sport of hockey.  Those of you who know me as justcconfused on twitter, my new twitter handle is @theoffwing.  For others who have read my posts on, please continue to follow the sage as he is quite knowledgeable ( and funny (most of the time).

The Left Wing Lock lives on here…on The Off Wing!!

Thanks for sticking around,


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