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Development Camp…A Quickie

So here it is, an hour before development camp and i’m banging out a post for all to read.  This one has to be quick as i plan to attend.  So, in the interest of brevity, here are just some of the the noticeable things from the first three days of camp.  I will most assuredly expand in the next post, but for now, on with the info…

For those of you who have read my rantings before, you know that Ryan Spooner is my future binkie (apologies to Milan, I still love you, man).  He has shown up bigger and stronger for this camp.  He is dead set on making the team but saying all the right things.  He is by far the fastest in camp, and while he doesn’t have the best hands (that prize belonging to either Koko or Seth Griffith), he controls the puck well.  One of the shocking things was seeing Ryan take on larger individuals along the boards.  Someone put a bug in his ear that he needed to toughen up and be willing to get dirty.  Not saying that he needs to be a grinder, but he needs to learn some techniques from Shawn.

The Sage’s fave, Jared Knight, is visibly suffering from his ankle injury but continues to push through it because he wants it that badly.  Jared still has a hard shot and can pass like a smaller center, but its his willingness to get dirty that puts him ahead of Ryan in the line for who could possibly make it to the big club out of camp. He goes hard to the net, as he always has, and showed no inclination to back down when Tommy Cross drove him into the net.  The two supposedly were glaring at each other for the next few minutes (though this writer didn’t see it that way) until the whistle blew.  Jared may not be as fast as Koko or Ryan, but he can keep up with most of the campers and has shown that he is certainly bound to be on the team at some point this year, possibly as a call up.

Koko, what can I say.  He is fun to watch. Appears to have gotten himself ready for camp this year (it being his second).  He is recovering from a lacerated kidney and isn’t allowed much in the way of contact, but he showed just what kind of offensive prowess he has while working with Malcolm Subban at the opposite end of the ice during afternoon practice on day three.  Back and forth they went, Koko showing of his moves and Malcolm responding in kind.  Both gesturing and fist-pumping in celebration and mock one-upmanship. It was clear to see that these two have formed a bond that will serve both of them well in the future with the club.

Gotta stop here, it’s 10:20 and I need to get ready, but have no fear, my fellow fans, there will be more later today.  Until then…





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